Feeling unstable... Am I right?

Im 23 and live with mom (i want to move out but can't find a job). My older sister lives with us too and she is mentally ill, she is never out the house and at first I could bear livin here, but now its frightening me... there is this bad creepy energy and I feel unstable and fearful most of the time, to the point in feeling depressed. Am I in the wrong to feel like this? is there anything wrong with me? I even pushed away a guy because I was acting unstable towards him and he won't forgive me anymore (he doesn't know anything about my situation)


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  • No, under the circumstances you are not wrong for feeling that way. Do you not have relatives or friends nearby in which you could reside with temporarily?


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  • You're not wrong for feeling like that, it sounds like a really unhealthy environment to be living in.