So confusing, what does he want?

Ok, this is my original post. "Basically I met this guy in college, we hit it off really well and hung out a couple of times with great chemistry. One day he tried to have sex (we've only kissed) and I said no because I felt we were not there yet, but after that incident he didn't message me for 3 days. So I got irritated and messaged him saying how come he didn't send me a text, I like hanging out and if sex is all he wants, go elsewhere. He responded by saying, "Stop acting like we're dating, it's only been a week." and I asked how I did that, because I really just sent those messages to avoid us wasting time, I didn't think I was acting like we dated. He ignored the messaged, and tweeted a day later, "Don't off track, I need to stay focused on school and sports." But I don't know if that was a dig at me. Anyways though, prior to this whole texting situation he was calling me babe, said he really liked me, and everything was good. I haven't spoken to him in 3 days and I'm wondering if I should just let it go?"

I wanted second opinions because after not talking to him 4 days after the incident, he sent me a message saying, "Good morning, have a good day." And I said, "Thanks, you too 😄" but then he never said anything afterwards and it's nearing two days of not talking again. What is going on with this guy?


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  • Let it go he doesn't know what he wants in his life.


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  • No, trust me. If he likes you enough he will definitely text you. I am also in college and I have meet guys like what you described, and sometimes I was the even ask as the A**hole being hot and cold with a guy but mostly because he is someone I don't really care. But the guy likes you, he will text you, no doubt.