Why can't I find love?

So i have this drop dead gorgeous friend and she always hangs with me at school and stuff and every guy wants to date her and sometimes i feel disgusted with myself bc they just say hi to her and pretend i dont even exist.. she's popular bc of her looks.. kinda blonde hair, green eyes, dresses as simple as possible but still looks amazing, doesn't wear makeup and doesn't even need to... i wish i was like that bc obviously no guy likes me.. there are like 3 guys that are always making eye contact with me but dont even talk to me... i just dont get why guys won't approach me, im quite normal in terms of looks, normal weight, brown hair and eyes, and im nice and my friends say im really funny.. i play playstation and cod and gta and normally guys even like that... i dont know, should i start wearing makeup or something? i just wanted to have a boyfriend and feel what is like to have that kind of love but i still didn't and i just feel stupid


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  • Well of course guys like those things, but they cannot tell at first glance or by just meeting you. A lot of things a driven by looks so you could try makeup. Maybe those guys who look at you are scared to approach or are unsure if you are interested


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  • You don't need to be the hottest girl in school to have a boyfriend. I suggest opening up more and being more proactive about forming a friendly relationship with the guys in your school. Your looks aren't nearly as important as your personality