I want to ask this girl out but don't know when I'll see her again?

I really like this girl, but she goes to a school an hour away, and is only in town about once a month when she's visiting her best friend (who I'm friends with) who goes to my school. Last time we were hanging out with a group and we really hit it off, but I didn't ask her for her phone number (I'm still kicking myself for not asking) and I have no way of contacting her other than through social media or our mutual friend. I haven't seen her in almost a month, should I just wait until I see her again to ask her out, or get in touch with her some other way and ask her?


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  • Do it in person, girls typically prefer it that way rather than asking over social media


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  • Just message her on facebook if she wants to hang out next time she's in town


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