Is 'getting dates' much easier for women?

Please note, I'm not talking about getting relationships or sex. But when it comes to just getting people to date, do women have it significantly easier, for one simple reason - that they don't have to approach/initiate?

I mean... what do women need to do anyway? They can sit around, without batting an eyelid or raising a finger, and men still approach them for dates. All they need to do, is to exercise their lip muscles to utter a simple 'yes' or 'no'.

P. S. Not bashing women here, and not being bitter. Just want some opinions.


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  • The fact that we "don't have to approach/initiate" is the death of me (and most likely other women). That is the exact downfall of being a woman because of the stereotype that guys have to initiate everything.

    What do women need to do? Women need to have self-esteem in themselves, build up their status, and go through the trouble of waiting for guys to approach them. It's not like every woman gets a date. At least guys have the option of asking any woman they would like- no limitations as to who they ask. Women, on the other hand, have to wait to see if they can actually get the guy they want to like them back.

    • Yeha, guys do have the option of asking women out, but the ball is ALWAYS in the woman's court. If she has 5 guys approaching her, she'll obviously pick the best among them.

      But I get your point, though. Women have it difficult in other ways.

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    • Gotcha. I agree.

    • Thanks for mho! :)

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  • Oh hell yes. Look at online dating. Any woman with good pics will get 100 emails for any guys 1.

    • Exactly! You hit the nail right on the head!


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  • HECK NO, we're usually way too worried to make a move or ask a guy out, if anything it's easier for guys because they're usually expected to ask anyway

    • Yes, but we men have iterate through a LOT of women before someone eventually agrees to go out with us. It can get frustrating and lower our self esteem.

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  • who knows?

    • Is it easy for YOU to get dates?

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    • No, girls usually don't initiate unless they find the guy REALLy hot!

    • Dude I am nowhere near hot category at all, looking at mirror just disgusts me plus I am a introvert... If it can happen to me It can Happen to anybody...