How can I get my boyfriend to be more romantic with me?

Okay so, I kind of want my boyfriend to be more romantic towards me. I mean I love his personality of course & I think he is very sweet and a great boyfriend. But sometimes I wish he was just more romantic. I mean I am not saying that I am unhappy with him or our relationship which actually isn't true at all. I am very happy. We started dating a few days ago, and he was very romantic at first & he still kind of is but I just wish he was more romantic.


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  • My girlfriend told me I had the same issue of your boyfriend or still have anyway, it's because he feels like he has you and there is no need to keep being Romeo just a normal that gives you love and respect, If you feel a lack of romance speak to him


What Girls Said 1

  • You have to be upfront with him and communicate with him that you'd like to see more affection from him!