Is it weird that I haven't been kissed yet?

That I haven't been kissed yet?

and how can I explain to a guy I like I haven't been kissed yet?


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  • Don't explain anything, just let it happen. you will appreciate that a whole lot more. you ever get disappointed when you found out how something that you thought was really delicious was really easy to make. it kind of lost it's magic, you know what I mean? just let the moment have its time and place in your life. -trust me j.

    • Ok thx for the advice


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  • You don't owe him an explanation. Truthfully every time you kiss someone new it is awkward the first time so, your not alone when it comes to the kissing someone for the first time.

    Honey girls love being the first, trust me!

  • Being as experienced as others isn't the end of the world and really doesn't matter. You need to set your own pace not compare yourself to others. I didn't have my first one til I was 21/22...did guys care? No. It actually probably made them feel more special LOL...Did I care that I was a "late" bloomer. No. And its not a subject that you have to explain yourself over.