How to get a date with a girl?

I would like to know the best way to approach and ask a woman out. I'm good at listening and asking questions. I'm constantly told by people at work (guys and girls) that They are going to get me a girlfriend.

Im absolutely terrible at asking for the date and that's the part I need help with. I'd like to date and obviously other people want me to as well. I just need some advice.


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  • keep a good and interesting conversation for a while so they get use to and would want to continue talking to you, then ask if the would like to grab a drink or coffee sometime to carry on the conversation


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  • For men, it's just a numbers' game. Keep asking someone out, until someone eventually says 'yes'.

    there is no specific 'way' to ask a girl out, they all prefer to be approached in different ways. You can't adapt to every one of them, so just keep asking them out in whatever way you feel fit, until you get a 'yes'.