Guy I started dating texts me everyday, but ignores me if I ask him to meet up. What is going on?

The guy I started dating is someone I've gotten to know slowly over the last 2 years. After he got my number he began to text me everyday. We went out a handful of times & it felt great, maybe like he connected more than i did, but still great. After our last date the texting got really slow, just like "have a good day" texts. When I expressed that I wanted to see him he changed the subject. I asked him out on Friday night he ignored my text all together and now Sunday night he's acting like nothing happened & sending a "how was your day" text. I feel uncomfortable that I put myself out there & got ignored & i am confused why he would keep texting me if he doesn't want to go out again. What may be going on here?


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  • he may have just lost interest and doesn't know how to express it? try speaking to him about it

  • Doesn't really make sense. He really doesn't like you I guess.