Is he shy or just disinterested?

I'm really into this guy I work with. Before I was hired he would check me out, give side glances, and even find excuses to be in my vicinity. After being hired, he sees me all day on camera but suddenly won't look at me when we are together in person. I could stand right in front of him and he won't look up. He absolutely will not look at me, but he will look and speak to others around.

I haven't done anything embarrassing on camera that I can think of... I'm just really confused as to what's going on. But I'm really into him. Help?


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  • The way I see it, it's probably one of two scenarios. One, he's playing hard to get. He showed you interest before you were hired, and now that you are with him all the time he wants you to see that you're not his only option, meaning he wants you to come to him. Or secondly, he's just shy. When you were just another girl, you were just an allusion for him to think about. But now that you're with him all the time all of a sudden it's real life now and he doesn't know what to do next, so he's just ignoring you until he can figure it out. Either way, I would approach him. Ask him to go get lunch or something casual so if he's disinterested you can still maintain a friendship.


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  • He could be shy, as others have pointed out.

    Or, he simply may not prefer to date a coworker. Or, he may already be involved with someone.

  • prob interested just shy. Which means u need to initiate or ask him out if u want to date him


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