GUYS: What makes you approach/talk to a girl for the first time, besides the fact you find her attractive?

Do you wait for her to smile/look at you a certain way? And also, where are you most of the time you do this (bar, coffee shop, grocery store...)?


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  • She has to give me signals that she's interested. Only douche bag ignorant men approach women with no signals. I would never approach a women unless if I got signals from her because I think it's just being respectful towards the women and it would be way to uncomfortable for me. For example:If I catch her looking at me if I find her attractive I lock eyes with her and smile. If she smiles back I take it she finds me some what attractive. You defiantly need to throw some signal's out there to show that you are interested in him and making eye contact is the best way to get him to say hi to you or to approach you. Then if we cross paths I would definitely say hi to her and then see how she responds. Usually for me it happens at the gym or bar. lol I would love to help more to if you have any other questions!! You should look at one of my questions too I would like you're opinion am kinda confused whether or not I should ask this women out. I don't want to miss out on a great opportunity.

  • For one, if she show some sort of interest. Looking in my general direction or something. Well... it gives me the urge to, I personally never do cause I'm just too afraid I'm reading it wrong.

  • She gives me a look


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