How to meet guys from friends?

I asked one of my friends if she knew any cute single guy since she really has a lot of friends (and I only have a few) and she said yes. Now I've never done this so how is it supposed to happen? Am I supposed to just text him or have my friend set us up on a date? Should it be just the two of us or with some friends?


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  • It might help unless you're into the blind date kind of thing (I never tried this) to just arrange to meet a social event with other friends around. Then you two can chat and if things click, one of you two ask to hang out some time later for fun.

    • [...] you're [not] into the blind date [...]

    • [...] meet [at] a social event [...] Sorry, typing like an idiot now.

    • Thanks, I think that's a good idea, I'm kinda shy so I'd probably be more comfortable with other people than on a blind date


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  • maybe it isn't a good idea cause your friends' friends probably suck.

    • What do you mean they probably suck? If they're friends with one of my friends they're probably nice!

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  • You can try to meet him through a social event. Or you can tell a friend of yours to set you up a date with the guy you're interested in.

    • Thanks for the advice but the thing is I haven't met any one of her guy friends yet so what I'm wondering is how the first meeting should happen... should I plan something with my friend and she'd invite guys and we'd all hang out together or should I get her to give me their number and then I text them and eventually go on dates?