If someone is still single by 29 do you assume that something is wrong with them?

I've just started dating this girl
whos 29, I'm 25, one thing that's been on my mind is why is she still single? She's pretty and smart and fun so how come nobody has locked her down yet? Is this a common thought? And why isn't she dating someone her age who could possibly commit more tran I could?


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  • Definitely not. I'm 26 and I would hope that a guy wouldn't think I had problems because I was single at 29. Sometimes things happen in life and you dont' get settled down right away.

    I have many friends who already have kids who are in grade school. They had them in high school. I feel so out of the loop.

    It's not that I dont want kids. It's just that I haven;t found a guy I can safely have kids with. All the guys I have met have been really bad. And put me through a lot.

    Not everyone is lucky enough to meet someone early in life. Some of us have to wait a long time. It's both frustrating and anxiety inducing. Hopefully you can look past that.

    There definitely are some really great people out there who are single and over the age of 22. I like to consider myself a 'best kept secret' because I know I am a good person. But no one has picked up on that yet. They would rather date someone who is a bit more wild and flaky because they are seen as more exciting.

    So in the meantime I am building my mini empire lol. I have a good job and am working hard on my goals. Hopefully some day a guy will want to join me on my quest for a family and a mini empire lol.

    • I mean I wouldn't say problems lol just like I'd most people in the girls surroundings are married engaged etc, why not this one is all, I thought it was a valid question but that's why I'm here lol
      To get some clarity

    • I guess it can be a valid question. But it's kind of mean to assume the worst of someone. There are plenty of great people who get over looked in dating for one reason or another. I'm not a supermodel, but I have a great personality and am a very nice giving person. I feel like I'm worth getting to know and date. So I would hate it if a guy rejected me because he felt like there was something wrong with me since I'm not married. It should be more like "WOW! I'm so lucky she hasn't been taken yet!". That's kind of how I would approach it. That's how I approach dating.

    • Also, how would you feel if someone didn't give you a chance because they thought that way? I really truly hope that most people would look past it. Now you're making me worry :(

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  • probably because there's more to it than just being pretty and smart and fun


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  • I am 29-single still, although attached now in a relationship.

    When I look back, I think that i unconsciously chose to be single because I was more goal oriented and wanted to develop my career as well as gain a little maturity.

    But I think I am ready now to be married.

  • I was single until I was 28...

    • What changed that?

    • I met someone I wanted to be with that also wanted to be with me haha

  • No, I don't jump to that assumption. Maybe they are more school or career driven.


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  • Depends, single currently or single-never-had-a-gf? Big difference