Someone enlighten me?

How do u get your mind off your crush? I used to not give a damn back then but this girl is different. We haven't spoken in a week because I flaked on her and she's pretty pissed... i doubt I'm gonna text or call her anymore because I refuse to look needy.. I feel maybe she's being over dramatic because i know how girls can be but this ignoring from her is really bothering me and I feel she's overreacting.. what should I do?



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  • every time someone asks "how to over a crush" here, u realise that there are never more than 10 opinions at the MOST for it. we simple don't know how... other than it takes time and u might just need to find things that take ur mind off her for a bit.


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  • This all depends on how much you really care about her. Is she a very close friend? Is there no chance of being with her?

    I'm going through a very similar situation at the moment and I am trying to stay as a friend and removing my emotional attachment/Desire to be in a relationship with her and it's tough!

    You have to think things hard:

    1. Will you be bothered if you aren't that close anymore, If so talk to her and say you need space. She might get annoyed because you will be depriving her of attention but she will have to get used to it, she may also admire your self respect if she's mature enough.
    2. Do things to take your mind off the situation. I started writing songs because I'm musical, not breakup songs though! She will probably come back to you if you give her space and take your mind off her. Keep some distance if she does, keep her wanting more from you, It will keep her interested and might end up working in your favour.
    3. Think of her flaws, remember she is a human, she burps, facts, shit and pisses like everyone else. Don't see her as an angel. Think of everything she might have done that you didn't like and with some time it might switch of those feelings.

    All in all, stay positive, date other girls and spend your time enjoying life with other people. I guarantee 99% of normal adults have been where you are and got through it

    • For ur first questions.. I consider a pretty close friend.. I just moved a few months ago and knew nobody and she was the first person I met on the first day of classes and we've been pretty close ver since. By the way she's been acting I feel there's probably no chance anymore but I haven't actually apologized to her yet which is the only thing i haven't done so I don't know honestly

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  • you at least need to text to apologise if she's pissed... that won't make you look needy, it'll make you look genuine... see where the apology leads before trying to get your mind off her... it's not liked she's pissed for no reason

  • Keep distracting yourself with other stuff. Read a book, watch movies, study, play a game etc.


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  • Enlightenment: Suck up your pride and apologize for flaking like a real man would.