Is he interested or just playing a game?

I went on a first date with a guy on Friday that I thought went well, but since then communication has been sporadic. Before we went out he would text frequently and he called once. I would say he's busy with work, but even the rest of the weekend he wasn't texting me much. I've tried texting him but he takes hours to respond. I decided he wasn't interested and today he texts me around lunch time saying, "Hey I haven't heard from you today." Why should I when he takes hours to respond?


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  • Busyness can do that, but I mean don't most people have their phones with them and it doesn't really take that long to respond?


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  • Yeah i get where you are coming from, that has happened to me before. I think he's interested but maybe playing it cool which is dumb cuz it makes you think he's not. I always kinda say in a joking way that they take forever to respond and they need to step up there game lol :P and it usually works.