Do you think I may have a chance? And is a possible way to get my best friend to talk to his crush?

Question #1: Usually, I can tell if I don't have a chance with anyone. But, I may have a chance with this one girl. Even though she barely knows me, she kinda my close friend or acquaintance. She barely talks, but she talks more to me and my best friend after we opened ourselves up to her. I assume she rarely has boyfriends. I'm surprise she's classy and proper how the way most people percieves her. I would talk to her when my best friend isn't around, so he wouldn't get any ideas. I would use one of my one liners to make her smile or laugh. Sometimes my best friend says she's like the direct opposite of me. I can actually see his point. One of my friends says that I don't have a chance with her since she's a cheerleader. Do you think I might have a chance with her?

Question #2: So, back when I was in 8th grade, my best friend always liked this girl. Her friends will ask him if he would date her or if he likes her. He always get nervous and say no. She kinda likes him now and he likes her a lot. I even started off a conversation with him and his crush. The two didn't even talked to each other. My best friend just walked off. He says that she would say hey to him and that's it. He could never say anything after hey. I need to help him out, any ideas?


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