Valentine's Day Jenga Game?

I've been dating this guy for a few weeks. He's taking me out for Valentine's day then we are going to go back to his apartment. I'm not ready for anything major (AKA sexual) in our relationship to happen, so I've been thinking of making a fun/flirty jenga game that we can play together. The jenga pieces have questions or flirty little things the person who picks it has to do ('Truth or Dare', 'Kiss on the neck', 'What's your favorite childhood memory', etc.). Then we can make something that says "Loser has to do -" Is this too cheesy? What are some other things you think might be fun but not super sexual? Any suggestions for what to write on the jenga pieces?


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  • That jinga thing sounds like fun. They have fun flirty Valentine's games you can play you just have to find the ones that are fun and flirty but not to sexual.

    You can write so much stuff on those pieces. It depends with what your comfortable with. When playing truth or dare things can get crazy sometimes.

  • I think the idea you have would work much better on a monopoly board! That would take quite a bit of planning though. Jenga just doesn't seem like the right format since it would be way too easy to avert a question by "accidentally" making the tower fall..