Why are some guys going toward the obviously unhealthy heavy girls and not attracted to ones that are trying to get healthy or are already so?

I have been trying to loose weight so I look pretty darn good in a bikini. One thing is though I have noticed that more and more guys are dating heavy women. Now I am not saying they don't have a right or whatever but it's almost like there unattracted to the healthier girls I've noticed at least. I am also not the best weight person now and wouldn't say I am I weigh around 150 and I'm trying to loose about 25 pounds by may. Really freaking hard! I know so many girls that are pretty much obese and guys are all over them. I mean am I missing something are heavy girls becoming more acceptable to guys? I mean I'm loosing weight regardless. I'm curious though... Are guys just as interested in heavy girls as girls who are healthy or getting there?


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  • I think a lot of the guys that you see that go after less attractive women are just looking for easy prey

  • When I was 18-21, I would go after heavier girls because I thought they were an easier lay but not really. I just felt more comfortable around bigger girls because of my own insecurity. I never treated them poorly but I was in athletic shape so it wasn't a problem to get a different woman every week. As bad as it sounds it did wonders for my confidence because rejection was always crushing before 18. Once you realize it can be a numbers game to meet someone interesting and kind (and whatever else you look for), you get used to rejection quickly.


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