Am I being too suspicious?

I have been chatting to a guy on a dating site he seems nice , he has 2 pictures but I can't see his face clearly , I asked him if he had any more pictures and he says he will show me but he doesn't like his pictures on the dating site because of his job he works in IT , and I have noticed he calls himself Tom on the profile but when we were messaging he says his name is Michael? :/ , am I being suspicious? And can a dating site effect his IT job?


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  • He a private person that's all. It shouldn't affect his job but some employers do monitor online activity and what there employees do. Especially if they mention the company in any way (eg employers will look up facebook posts). I wouldn't worry about it. A lot of people make fake names and hide faces on online profiles.

  • people use fake names for security or privacy reasons. I work and live in a small town (granted I live in "city") but where I live, everyone knows everyone else. 6 degrees of separation. So there's no secrecy.

    my point is, people do things to protect themselves.

  • he might be harmless tbh. but he still seems weird. i would avoid him there's tons of normal options

    • I got suspicious when he said it's because of his IT job :/ didn't think that should stop him from dating... Could he be a cheat maybe hhhmmm :/ ..

    • no probably not. im sick of women always assuming a guy cheats.

      to me it sounds like this guy wants to keep his privacy and date under a fake name. he's probably someone who won't use a debit card at a gas station cuz its sketchy

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