How should I find out about the other guy?

So I kinda had a thing with this girl where we would text all the time and she would flirt constantly and we went out on a few 'dates' but nothing really happened. I also wasn't sure until recently if I even really liked her because of the mixed signals, but I do, and in the worst timining ever I find out she is seeing someone else too. I want to know how long, how serious etc. to see if she is just playing the field and if I should stil go for it, but I dont know who to ask. Should I ask her straight up or one of her close friends that I am also friends with as well?


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  • I swear I just read this question. You are dating. Dating is not exclusive. You have no right to know about the relationship she has with another guy unless you are having sex and then you have the right to ask if she's sleeping with other people. If you want it to be more than dating you have to try and go for it. But I guarantee asking about who else she's dating to her close friends is going to make you a weirdo


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  • if i were you i would just stop talking to her. if she takes a while to get back to you she's definitely seeing someone else or uninterested in you anyways. a lot of high demand girls date multiple people at the same time. if you call her out on it and she is she will stop talking to you. if you call her out and walk away yourself she may come back to you if she isn't actually seeing anyone else.

    if i were you i would continue to date her but also date other girls.