Is the relationship serious?

I've been seeing this sweet guy for a few weeks. ( over a month now) we talk everyday and go on dates every weekend, and last week we stayed in a hotel together. We haven't come out and said we are offcial but he has made summer plans for us so I assume he's serious about me (lol) I just don't know how to ask because I don't want to ruin anything. I'm not rushing it, if it's meant to be it will be but still.. is there a good chance things are serious?


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  • It sounds like it. A guy wouldn't spend that much time with you if he wasn't, or didn't hope it to be.

    • We made it official :)

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  • your lucky. i just got played for a month by this girl who just wasn't that into me. make sure you appreciate the nice things he does. he's definitely not playing you and its definitely serious. just take your time and dont push anything. if your unsure whether he likes you or not you could ask him but he pretty clearly does. The girl i was seeing was obviously not into me but i kept taking her out trying to sway her mind and it just didn't work.

    • So sorry you were played. That girl probably lost a good guy :) don't give up you will find someone.

      Thank you for your in depth response :)

    • got a date for Monday lol. i bounce back quick

  • That's serious to me, at least. I've never been in a relationship before, but from what you're saying, this looks serious. Good luck :)


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  • I think with a little bit of time you can easily understand if he is serious or not cuz u said that its something recent so its difficult to see some things