Meeting someone my age?

Hi, I'm 27 and is a full-time student. I'm a combat veteran, using the gi-Bill to go to school. However, I'm looking for a relationship. I have talk to some girls at school, but they are so young. If I do meet a girl my age, she is taken. I have been told that I'm charming and handsome, so talking to girls or having girls attracted to me is not a problem. The problem is their age, 19-21. I ain't down dating a young girl knowing that they are less experience. I mean sure getting laid is easy.. I don't like the bar scene or dating sites.. Opinions?


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  • Not all girls 19-21 are tong as they seem. Some are mature. You just need to give them chances. Me personally a older men is more better then guys my age more secure and done with the partying stages.


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  • Clubbing perhaps? or does that go under the "bar scene" category.