Guys, how do you feel when you see a girl without makeup?

Is it weird? Do you get put off?

I only wear makeup on nights out or parties/events so I'm a little worried about giving anyone my number as I look VERY different with/without makeup. Everyday me is without any makeup and when I put it on, it makes me look older and less tired etc. When would be a good time to show my true everyday self? Or shall I just wear less and less each time?


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  • "Finally, someone who doesn't smother paint all over their face and actually likes the way they look"

    • The problem is that I look about ten years younger and like a child without makeup

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    • You're at least 25!

    • They don't know that. I look really young.

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  • Actually, any time is fine to show your everyday self. I don't understand people who can't even go to the market without make-up. Well, it is your real face! Why should you be ashamed of your own face? If whoever takes your number doesn't like you after he sees your without-make-up face, then, consider yourself lucky for letting this shallow person go.


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  • I think to myself: "There's her natural beauty shining through!" I love it.


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  • just do things as u normally do and dont overthink it. its totally legit and even expected for someone to look extra good on their nights out and such. the contrast is normal. im the same way.