If I don't show enough interest do you think it's fair that he finds someone else?

I'm really not good at dating. I just think there are too many rules I mean it feels like a game. I messed up with the last guy I was dating because once I started to get feelings I was too nervous to text him or set up a date like I used to. It was all up to him and he was the only one to reach out which he complained so much about but it never really got to me until it was over. I was stuck at not knowing what we are and couldn't communicate with him so I was just stuck.. Not getting anywhere. I refused to sleep with him and he couldn't understand why but I was trying to avoid being used. We dated for a half year and barley spoke towards the end unless he initiated it, I went almost a month without talking to him. When we began to drift apart he started seeing someone else but would still text me until I called it off. He then went official with her and they are now in a relationship. I feel betrayed which makes no sense, was it right of him to do that even though we weren't finished? Looking back on it now I have no idea what I was thinking, I should've been honest. I didn't understand why he was interested in me and I didn't see anything wrong with not talking everyday. I have decided to take a break from dating because I can't keep up with it and I'm scared I might mess up with someone else again.


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  • Totally fair. No one wants to be called a stalker/creep,


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  • Dude you have to take a risk when you like someone. Like in all those sad tragic romantic teen movies. Its was best to have your heartbroken with true love than nothing at all. I am a bit dark hahah!