I found out this girl liked me, what should I do?

So I was in class the other day and a friend told me that he knew a girl who had a crush on me last year. My school (which is an all boys school) went on a band trip to the US last year with an all girls school and my friend told me that a person I met on that tour, who was in another band, apparently had a crush on me.
I probably won't see her again for a while because our school's next combined band rehearsal isn't for a few weeks because of exams.

So I don't know what I should do next, I don't know if she still likes me or not. Another friend of mine said she will try and find out for me, but still what should i do? I'm friends with her on Facebook so should I start talking to her on that? Should I ask her out?

I'd appreciate some advice. Thanks


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  • dance! flirt! dance! YAY!

  • If you don't like her, then it doesn't matter if she likes you. Don't act any differently.

  • You should be super flirty around her girls really like it with a flirty but sweet guy, you should try to rub your shoulder up against hers ( don't over do it) but respect her personal space see if she blushes or runs her shoulder back be funny sweet and compliment her make her feel confident show her that you are a real gentlemen


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