Help me please?

I need serious help, I like my boyfriends best friend and he likes me back. I talked to him and told him how I felt and he felt the same way. I really like him and I really like my boyfriend so I don't know what to do, help me! Should I date my bfs bff or stay with my boyfriend and hide my feelings for his friend?


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  • Sadly this is something you have to come to terms with on your own, being an adult how gets involved in relationships this is apart of the deal...

    So you need to look at thw whole situation think of the costs of some of your actions and really think of what you want and what your willing to so. And if anything try to be adult about it, really hope your not like 14 or so because you posted this anonymously and telling you to be an and adult would come off odd.

    But anyway you think you can handle the responsibility of dating and this is part of it. Good luck


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  • Break up with your boyfriend but don't get together with his friend because that would mess their friendship and your current boyfriend will end up hating both of you.

    • But me and my BFs friends would be great together me n my boyfriend don't get along to well


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  • You are too young for this to matter in all likelihood. I'd suggest you try not to destroy any friendships.

  • Why do you have a boyfriend if you have feelings for someone else? Dump your boyfriend so you can be with the other guy. Problem solved.

    • I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 years but now I'm starting to get major feelings for his friend and like his friend

    • Like I said, dump your current boyfriend so you can be with his friend. Don't be a coward and cheat on him behind his back. Just man up and dump him. It will be better for you and hurt less for him.

  • How would u feel if they did that to u.. simple YOUR A HOE.. pick one and stick tl it.. better yet don't date either.. I hate girls like u


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