Which approach do you prefer and why?

I've heard it several times throughout life that there a direct approach and there is indirect passive approach to meeting women. Vise versa. I always tend to try stay on the side of caution with the passive approach, despite knowing that it may come off the wrong way to some. I believe talking and getting to know someone (I feel 2-3 months feels safe) before I start throwing out hints that like them... little bits at a time.. not to scare somebody off. I've had some success, then some not. Being direct, yes it saves time but I feel like by doing that I'm cheating myself out of a healthy relationship by looking like I'm after just one thing. Honestly i believe it's too forward and immediately takes away the mystery and or challenge. What do you think? Any success stories or other suggestions?


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  • "Hey, I like you. Let's date." is you being after one thing? How in the world did you come to that conclusion?

    I think a direct approach is best. I have no patience for games, personally.

    • Well wouldn't direct be too pushy like whoa wait, i have to have time to process and not be put on the spot?

    • Assuming that you have established a rapport with this person instead of just appearing out of the ether and ask them out, no.

    • Right

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