Will he ever commit if he initially says he will not / has commitment issues?

We act like an exclusive couple , and i am basically playing the role of girlfriend , without the label of course. We've had the talk (its been about 2.5 months) and he says he has commitment issues and "im not sure if it will ever be more than how we are now"
is this subject to change? Or never?

Also.. The other night i kind of said "this isn't what i want , so i want out" but he wouldn't let that happen he tried everything he could to get me over his house to see him. He got scared i think. But thats not exactly fair. If he's layed out the situation and i dont want to be a part of that.. Then wth!

Any advice would be great thanks (:


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  • Your not going to change his mind. Have you ever seen 500 days of summer? It's a good example of the utter frustration of sticking around for a person who does not wish for more. I did the same. I stuck around and waited. I thought she'd come around. It was several years of my life wasted. Find someone who will commit. If you stick on your current path you'll just end up frustrated.

    • :( i have seen that movie. Thank you

    • I'd hate to see you learn a lesson that I learned the hard way. She even came crying to my house because I said I was done. I bought her tears. Yet she never changed her mind on commitment with me. Save yourself the frustration and heartache.

  • John Cena, for a long time, didn't want to marry Nikki, now he's willing to at least talk about the possibility of it


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  • You should not expect him to commit. Odds are that he won't feel ready to commit soon enough.