She is lying? or there is a problem?

She is lying? or there is a problem?

Ok so this girl i have been talking with for more than year , it was like talking for one night then ignore me for months then back to talk... etc , every time she back to talk she bring up excuses like she is scared , another time said she is shy and not good at talking to guys , at the end she admit she have split personilty? Then back to ignore me and wrote on her whatsapp staus becareful who you let in? Is she lying to me? #sry for my bad English


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  • I cannot say if she is lying, nor can I explain why she does this to you. One thing that is certain is that she really doesn't treat you well. It seems like she is using you when it is convenient for her and doesn't care what effect this has on you when she ignores you. I don't see this developing into a healthy relationship some day. You would have better luck with someone more dependable and trustworthy.