How to ask a girl who is my friend to become more than that (meaning girlfriend)?

Me and this girl have been friends since we were both in 6th grade. I am now in my freshmen year of college but I am single and never dated a girl before. I want to ask her out. I am a true gentleman so what is the correct way for a true gentlman to ask a girl who he has been friends with to be his girlfriend plus I am a old school kind of guy? We tried in between our freshmen and sophomore year of high school but I sad something stupid that almost ruined our friendship, how do I do it right this time around?


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  • Tell her that you're sorry about what you said to her and mention her that you would really like to hang out together someday.


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  • Stop being beta and just ask her. Worst she can say is no, then at least you know for certain its not gonna happen and can move on. But she might say yes.