URGENT HELP, first ever "hanging out"?

I've had no luck with any sort of relationship or anything in the past, i decided to message a girl on tinder who is way out my league... like clearly way out there. we had a nice little chat over 2 days of work and family and i just decided to ask her out, she said she is free Thursday, she got a few days of work this week.

when hanging out is the guy meant to arrange everything, what am i meant to expect?

should i just ask her to see what she wants to do, how do i word it without seeming clueless?

i feel when we actually meet my pics won't mean anything on tinder because my teeth are not perfect like hers... not terrible just not perfect and i know a smile makes everything.

im just clueless on what to do or what to expect, this is my first time hagning out.. just anxierty is making this a nightmare!

anyone at all?
hulp me pluz


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  • Calm down bro. She's interested, just be yourself and it'll be fine.


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  • First of all, breath. She's human and probably getting the same jitters as you. What time is this meet up? Tinder is like a popular sex/hookup/NSA app isn't it?

    • theirs nothing organised, she just said she was free Thursday to hang out...

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    • worried myself, called it off haha... im hopeless :3

    • Wtf? Bro ya haven't even tried!!!

      That shit someday will eat you alive wondering what could've been. Man up and attack mode!!

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