I need a helping hand, advice on her, how to move forward, anyone?

I think I already know the answer to this question, but I need someone to help me through it, and gently tell me how to move on. I truly care about this girl, and I would do anything to help her, or make her happy. However, she likes another guy, and I had to deal with it. All the time though, she flirted with me, we texted back and forth, and things felt good, like I had a chance. Her and the guy, sorta fell through, and I was there for her, not bc I wanted her to like me, but bc I have had my heartbroken once, and dont want her to go through it alone. She seemed like she was glad I was there, and appreciated it, we grew closer.

Until this, I finally opened my eyes a little, looked past what I thought was so great. I realized I always initiated the messages, I always asked her if she was ok, I always asked if she needed help, and if she was sick, I was always there for her. I realized the times I said I needed help, or I felt sick, or was sad, I was left with no response, snarky remarks, or her taking over the conversation for herself. I have finally realized I am the only one who cares, and it hurts. It hurts becuase I care about someone so much (and I have told her that) never to be cared for in return. I am not asking for her love, or her apprecation for the things I do, I'm just realizing that I feel its not worth my time, as much as it hurts me for her to not be there. I need to put effort into other girls, people who will see me back for me, and not just someone to get them along.

I need some help, some ideas, how to move forward, and how to get past. I fell for her so hard, only to find it landed me at the bottom. Any help?


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