Guy friend asked about guy I'm seeing and then started being really brief with me?

I talk to one of my guy friends every day and we have a history of flirting a lot with each other when we chat. He's not ready to date anybody so that hasn't really been an option but yet I THINK he is acting jealous about someone I am seeing. He asked me about how my time with the guy I've been dating went, and I told him it was alright, but followed it up with saying that I realized I don't like the guy the way he likes me and that I wanted advice on how to talk to the guy without hurting him or making him think I was leading Im on... And then I admitted to my friend that I kissed the guy I've been seeing. Then he said "oh. You kissed him back" and started responding to everything with really brief answers like "oh" "k" "whatever" etc. Does he seem jealous/that he likes me?


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  • yes he is jealous. but i feel it is finally sinking in that he lost his opportunity to be with you.
    why he never followed his feeling for you i have no idea. but now the chance is not there he doesn't know what to say or do.


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  • Of course he is jealous. He probably likes you but like he said, he's not ready to date anyone. That doesn't mean that he automatically feels okay about the fact that you're dating someone else. Sometimes you can't help the way you feel.


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