Ladies, do you actually find huge, muscular men attractive? I am tired of getting hit on at the gym by gymrats. Does anyone feel the same way?

As a woman, I'm not innately attracted to muscles. Bodybuilders are actually a huge turnoff for me. They are way too concise about the way they look. I don't care if the guy I'm with is scrawny. Don't get me wrong I like it when a man does weight-lifting and cares about the way they look. I feel like too many guys are going overboard with this to attract women. My guys friends get mad and say I'm denying my feelings of attraction toward men with gainz.


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  • I get what you mean, most gymrats I know are total egomaniacs. I lift, and my goals are basically to get as big as possible, but it has nothing to do with impressing anybody. Guys who workout to impress girls usually have enough ego for 4 people

    • I'm seriously thinking about canceling my membership. The guys are always trying to flirt or flex their guns at me lol

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  • haha I was actually just thinking about this. Most women find a lean, athletic body type to be most attractive. Most guys like huge muscles. The whole bodybuilding scene is obsessed with a look that only (for the most part) guys like, so it's a community of men lifting things to get a body that only other guys want, that impresses only other guys.
    What I personally find impressive, is actual physical abilities. Being good at a sport is impressive, calisthenics is impressive, but lifting things is not impressive to me at all.


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  • Well, shame on them. They should be concentrating on the lifts rather than hitting on people and messing with the resting periods between sets.


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