So I asked him out but it didn't happen, what now?

So a guy and I have been texting a lot for 2months and have been on 2 dates. He made it clear for me to tell him when I'm available and want to hangout. After 2weeks of us texting a lot, most of the time he reaches out and about 2-3 times I've reached out... I finally asked him out. He said, hell yeah! So I was excited but at the last minute he cancelled because he had to run errands and he explained what he was doing. I definitely understand that sometimes people are busy, I myself work and am a full time student and he is a busy guy, 2 jobs and school, but what do I do now? I kind of want to give space and let him reach out when he wants to hang out. We never have dull moments through texts or in person. I like him... what should I do?

Oh and we didn't stop texting after he couldn't make it to the date, we carried long conversations but I kind of told him to let me know for a next time, sort of put the ball on his court


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  • Text him back and reset up a date


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  • If he cancelled then it's on him to ask you out and make it right again. It's not on you. So wait for him to contact you. If he really likes you he will make a effort and will have time for you.