Girlfriend snap chatting other guys but not me?

So I saw my girlfriends snap chat receives and sents and she's been snapchatting some other guys, some that I know are her friends and others I've never heard about. One in particular she sent a guy a photo specifically to him and it was a picture of her in yoga pants with the side of her butt she was fully clothed but still I don't know. Anyway I never get any snapchats from her but she sends to all these other people. Should I be worried about this?

Update: It was a picture from her instagram from 42 weeks ago. I still don't understand why she would send it some guy so recently?


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  • I definitely think you should be, honestly that's grounds to break up in my opinion. There's no reason she should be sending guys pictures like that, friend or not, it's disrespectful to you. I'd be asking all kinds of questions about these other dudes.

    • She doesn't know that I saw what she sent so I'm not really sure how to bring it up in a conversation tbh

    • Here's an article I bookmarked a few months ago when I was dealing with a cheating situation. You should give it a look, it helped me :)

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  • Sound like she is very flirtatious and I really think you should consider talking to her about it.


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  • To me, that's cheating. Confront her about it.


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  • Girls are always playing some kind of SICK mind games... they love drama and thrive on making others miserable...

    Stay safe!