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So this past Saturday I went out with my friends and we went dancing and had a good time. When we got back to our friends I was ready to pass out. So I layed down on one of the couches and one of the girls that went out with us sat on topof me and said this the couch I sleep on, I was here first. So then she grabed a blanket and a pillow and curled up on the same couch as me. I had no problem with this I have a thing for her. When I woke up her hand was on my hip and her butt was backed up into me. Would she sleep on the same couch as me if she didn't feel comfratable around me and/or was some what interested in me? What are your thoughts? She also has this thing going on with another guy, they aren't dating.


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  • She probably just wanted to cuddle don't read to much into it.

  • She probably likes you or trusts u a lot


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