As valentines day approaches I find myself completely uninterested in dating or romance?

i don't find this day is doing anything to boost my interest in dating or romance. not that i wouldn't enjoy seeing someone. i just don't feel the pressure to do something now and have been let down in the past and don't see much hope in the present. i feel women are more interested in valentines day than men and a lot are frustrated guys don't do something now but i don't think they realise how frustrated in general we are with dating


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  • I know that feeling. I can relate to you. :p


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  • This will be my first V-Day single in 5 years and tried dating a little back in December, which was frustrating as hell. I always enjoyed surprising my ex's on that day, but as far as meeting or beginning to date a woman around this time? Not a good idea.


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  • Of course women love v-day. Its when they get free food and presents and they dont have to do the same lol

    Don't be a debbie-downer. You'll find that sexy girl soon.