Please help did she start to avoid me and dislike me?

Hey everyone I have a girl at school and I'm really interested in her we went out before and everything was good. But when the vacation started I asked her to go out for 4 times and everythime she says that she is busy or want to go out with her friends so I felt that she is trying to ignore me. So today I met her in school and she told me that her birthday is next week and I should come so I told her I'm sorry I'm very busy this day she told me no you should come and asked me if I'm doing this just to annoy her and she started to tell me that she wanted to go out with me but she was sick and couldn't go out. Should I go to her birthday? Was she really busy or she is trying to avoid me?


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  • She is just not interested in you. I wouldn't go to her birthday if I was you. Or I'd simply go and attempt to flirt with other chicks if I was a dude.


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  • Okay, if a girl says no but gives you an explanation she likes you. So everything is fine, however, you should really try to get to her birthday.