Does she have too many Snapchat points?

I really like this girl a lot but when I added her on snapchat something seemed a little odd. I can't tell if she's a hoe or maybe she's talking to a lot of guys. I mean my average friends and even the hottest girls on my snapchat have around 10,000 to 25,000 points on their snapchat, but this chick has 45,000 points on her snapchat. Is this some kind of warning? Am I looking too much into this? This seems like quite a lot of points tbh.


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  • I dont find that too much. Many have like 30,000 points or somewhere around there. They just like snapping pics to their friends i guess haha. I dont think the amount of snapchat points determine if someone is a "hoe" or not lol

  • I have 63,429, i dont "hoe" around i talk to my best friends on there! We spam each other


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