Why am I so uneasy about my relationship with my new gf?

I've been saying this girl for 4 months now and she's practically perfect, very pretty, a lot of fun, smart and she had a good job. Se buys me expensive things and gets me tickets to concerts and sporting events, she does everything I could ask for sexually. So with all that being said why do I feel so uncomfortable like she's too good for me and that maybe she'll find better and leave? Is this normal? How do I overcome this? And are all these things she does indicative that she loves me?


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  • Are you still gonna find her perfect if she stopped the things mentioned above.

    As in say, no more expensive gifts but she does give once in a while just not expensive.

    I am not asking it to offend you. I just want to know.

    As for if the feeling is normal, I would say yeah since I have heard similar stories before.

    • I would cause she's a decent woman, but all the above things make her who she is, besides the expensive gifts, those are just a way of wanting to see me happy. I just feel like it's too good to be true and it makes me nervous.

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  • Do you love her? Do you really like her for her personality and the way she makes you feel even when not buying you things?
    When you two are alone, silently laying next to each other, does it feel good enough to forget your problems?

    If most of these are yes, then stop questioning her and love her fully, if she hurts you, then treasure the time you had with her and hate her. But don't go worrying about shadows that will ruin your relationship. If she is with you, she chose you for a reason. Be happy about it.


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  • Yes it is pretty normal. Just be carefull you dont let it get to you or else you will push her away and ruin the relationship. I discussed this with my girlfriend once and she said. You are doing something right or else i wouldn't be with you. Just feel happy about the fact you can be with such a amazing girl.

  • Maybe you feel like you're not good enough? If you've been burnt in the past that's natural... If that's the case, give lots back and enjoy the ride!!