Do guys really think females that only have guy friends are either 1) psychotic or 2) sluts?

I went on a first date with this dude last night (there won't be a second...) But he was talking about previous dates he went on and how a chick told him she only had guy friends, and he said to me "never tell a guy you only have guy friends because a! It means you're either a psycho or b! It means you're f*cking all of them!

Honestly, I didn't know what to say because I'm super introverted and I really enjoy my solitude sooo I don't even really have that many friends. I have one good female friend who I love, we are like sisters. And then the others are either online or dudes.. I've got a lot of pretty, pretty boys that I call friends (it's okay if you don't know the reference lol. But really it's a good song).. I don't hang out with them in person that much, mostly because I like being alone, but I talk to them frequently.

Sooo would guys view me as psycho because I only have one true friend and the others are guys?


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  • I am totally indifferent


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  • 🎶How they dance in the courtyard, sweeeet summer sweat🎶. And I feel you. That was me growing up. I had 2 girlfriends that I was close with and my best friend and friends I hung out with most were guys. And at 28... I've had sex with 3 people: 2 boyfriends who I dated for 4 and 3 years and my husband. And I don't think I'm crazy. Guys are just less drama. They are laid back. They aren't constantly trying to one up you. They're not sensitive about every little thing. Even now I prefer working with men or woman over 35 becausd the younger ones or ones my age are still drama and I feel like I'm in highschool all over again the way they talk about people.


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  • I can only speak from my experiences but women who pretty much only have guy friends are either naïve or crave the attention. Every girl I have known who has a contact list of guys is searching for something. Doesn't mean she is a slut but most likely she has been with a significant amount of men. What I notice is that these girls believe these guys are friends but the reality is, they are nothing more than a queue with each guy waiting for his turn. If she has a boyfriend, most will back off but many will ping every 3 to 6 months. "Accidentally" text or call late at night a couple of times. As a man it is easy to see there intent, as a woman like I said either they are a little naïve or the actually like the attention.

    To what your date said... yeah he's an idiot.

    • I agree that a lot of girls guy friends really want to either want to be with them or fuck them.

    • @cavmanier yeah I am not trying to be an asshole but using the same example as above, I was dating this girl once who had a lot of "guy friends" but when pressed they were guys she met at a club or somewhere. And she'd insist they are friends and when I'd ask well did they ask you out? Of course they did, each one wanted to go out or hook up with her. I said they aren't friends they are dicks in waiting. She didn't like that but over time came to realize I was right.

    • Lol there is a lot of truth to what you said. It can be very unattractive to see. And a large percentage of these guys don't respect the girl's relationship. They are more interested in if they will have sex with her.

  • Well it will be a time when your guy friends try to hit on you and they know you have a boyfriend. It's just too much of a hassle for a guy to put hisself through so a lot of guys try to avoid that situation.

  • yeah you summed it up really nice. but we'd think more the slut part


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  • Most guys have such a f*cked up mentality...
    A slut because a girl gets along better with guys than girls? 😑
    What if I can't connect on a basic level with most females? *facewall*
    It sounds like "owning a vagina = you must have friends with other people that own a vagina".
    I'm losing faith in humanity with every passing second... 😐