What do I do if they offer to pay?

I've been with my boyfriend for two years now. He would invite me many times to have a home cooked dinner at his parents' house. This time he invited to to come along for dinner with his parents this time at a restaurant. Its only polite that I pay for myself and I will. But what if that awkward moment comes up and his parents offer to pay? Should I politely refuse? and if I refuse what if they keep insisting on paying? Should I just let them? I just dont want to look rude. I want to show them that I am independent. Is it rude to let someone pay even if they offered and you keep politely turning them down? Im actually nervous about this dinner.

And also would it be considered rude as well if I politely refuse for them to pay for my meal? ugh im just stressing here.


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  • I say offer the first time to pay for yourself but if they insist I would let them pay so you won't seem rude. Also talk to your boyfriend about how they are and how he thinks they would take the situation since he should know them good.


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  • No, it's a family dinner they see you as family so it might backfire and actually offend them if you refuse. Just be thankful :)