Would he wait for her?

Would he wait for her? So you're in your last year of college and you come across a guy who is clearly very interested in you. You only see him once a week where you study. You both are magnetic to each other and the chemistry is obvious. However, in 2 months you are taking an important exam for professional school (same state) and then you graduate in August and apply to professional school right after. You want to date towards August. If he makes a move, what would you tell him? Would he wait?


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  • Talk about it. My girlfriend, until recently, was supposed to graduate (undergad) in May and move back home (1000+ miles away) and I don't graduate until December. I had to decide before I asked her out what I was willing to do and I was willing to wait it out. I was willing to try and wanted to make it work so I assume that we would, Mutual love will always find a way. Turns out her adviser is super sucky and she need 2 more classes so I won't have to worry about it again for 6 months.

    What I'm trying to say is that if you both want it to work, you will figure something out. If he really likes you, he would be willing to wait to be with you again.


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  • If he makes a move, discuss it through with him.