Why does my ex keep making my life miserable?

haven't talked to this girl in months. I loved her more than any other girl i've ever dated. But she was a cheater, a lier, and a very convincing bitch. She knew how to lie, and very well.

Well she goes and hangs out with one of her friends and says "Heres my exs number, you guys should hang out sometime." Like wtf? I dont want your friends number bitch... So her friend texts me and so i texted my ex and told her to stop, and she found it funny.

I've gone though so much bullshit from this girl and im so tired of it. I thought it was done and over with, but she still tries to play a game with me. She even has a new fucking boyfriend now.. I dont need help from my ex to get a girlfriend. Why does she do this? I just want her to go away.


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  • Block her on everything you've got. Block her numbers, block her on Facebook, block her everywhere. If she somehow contacts you still, just act very uninterested and hang up as soon as possible, or don't reply to any messages. She'll soon get bored.

    • Its just bullshit because it doesn't matter how much time goes by, boyfriend or not, she still tries to find a way to talk to me. I had to tell her to stop hooking me up, because she wouldn't otherwise.

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    • Its almost like i like to abuse myself, just to be with her. Id take the abuse, and KNOW she will fuck me over again, but still do it cause she makes me happy for some reason. Idek why..

    • Sometimes, that's how abusive relationships work. Especially emotional abuse, which manipulation is a big part of. She knows how to work your brain, and she's doing it. You just gotta be really strong.

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  • Unfortunately there isn't much to do with a cunt like that. Have you considered suing her for harassment?

  • She's diabolical that's why and she's getting a ton of laughter doing it