Should I try to get back with her?

I had trouble committing to a girl i was dating because she had a child and it scared the hell out of me. But she was perfection to me. I dated her when I wasn't ready for a relationship i was literally 3 weeks out of a relationship, and she was only one day out of hers. On top of that I made all kinds of mistakes, i pried too hard, and tried to move too fast, I let my insecurties get the best of me and I accidentally treated the relationship like a rebound out of habit. Long story short She dumped me. I made a fool out of myself and harassed her. I'm over the loss and the pain, its been two months and I still think I want her despite my fears. Should I go for it? Im afraid that if I do, I might realize it is too much and dump her in return and I dont want that.


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