Girls, would you still date a guy if he treated you like a princess but treated other girls as if they were "objects"?

The guy I'm seeing is so sweet to me but I've noticed that he's treated the girls in his past pretty badly. He's cheated before and he's used other girls for sex while knowing they had feelings for him. To him some girls are worth treating well and others are just "disposable items".


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  • No. It's not just about how he treats me. I pay attention to that kind of stuff and it definitely rubs me the wrong way.

  • I've noticed most guys are either great to the women they date or great to female friends. rarely are they great guys to both. as long as he treats you well that's all that really matters

    • seeing as he's treated others he dated poorly I would break it off. not always, but usually that means its only a matter of time before he treats you just as bad. I wouldn't take a chance on him