Is she scared or is it over?

My girlfriend and I are going through a weird time. We currently talked about marriage and kids together and how we both think it would be amazing together. However she's been going through a job change and now wants to move to the city. My work will not allow that right now. So she's going to move anyways at the end of the month. I've tried giving her space now to sort things out for herself, but I'm just curious if the thought of starting a life together scared her away, or if I'm the one and she just needs to go out and live a little first. Or if it's just flat out over. Thoughts?

so whats my best option here? Obviously i let her go, cause shed resent me forever if i told her to stay. where do i go from here? Or am i worrying to much


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  • Marriage and kids is a big talk, but I'm not convinced it's what scared her away. You said she's going through a job change; if it's more convenient for her to live in the city, she's probably just doing what's best for her career.


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  • She's doing what's best for her and her career right now.