Guys, how do I have someone say yes to a sadie hawkins dance?

i am a freshman and i want to ask this freshman boy who is popular, smart, homecoming king, star football player, athlete.. i don't know if he'd say yes. i was thinking of writing on a football "wanna tackle sadies with me?" it is next Friday. i dont know why he wouldn't say no, except that im shy. im pretty, tall, nice, funny, smart, sweet. help? should i ask him? i really want to go to the dance bad..


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  • Ask him. Be fearless. But don't bother with a football. Just straight up ask. He might say yes, he might say no. The important thing is to do what feels right to you, fearlessly, because you have nothing to fear.

  • The "wanna tackle" thing is cheesy, but in a kind of adorable way. Whatever way you go with, if it's something in person, be as confident as you can be. Even though you're shy, muster all you can and fake it hard. I am shy too, and this is definitely a "fake it til you make it" scenario (but only as far as being confident enough to ask - don't be fake aside from that one aspect).

    You should go for it. He might say yes, and then the real stress begins :P You'll have a date to plan.

    And if he's taken or he says no, it'll sting. Then when time passes and you realize the world didn't end, you'll be braver next time. It gets easier every time.

    Good luck.