He said this was his reasoning of?

Last week the guy I'm dating and I had a little argument. The argument started because I was expressing how I felt about a certain flirtatious encounterment that happened between him and this girl. He decided to say I'm being negative and tried to dismissed the issues instead of listening to me and acknowledge my feelings. Now before the argument I've been telling him about my birthday plans and how I wanted him with me at my dinner.

My birthday came I didn't hear from him all that day. The following day I couldn't resist I texted him letting him know how angry I was that he missed my birthday. He called me back to back but I ignored his calls. He then leave a message saying the reason why was because I started an argument a couple days before and he took it was me not wanting him there. Then he said him not calling on my birthday was him being stubborn and how I admit that wasn't the right thing to do and how he's sorry and when I'm ready to celebrate to let him know.

I honestly can't believe he would be so stubborn. That's some spiteful stuff to do and I'm extremely hurt even more. What should I do and say back to him?


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  • both y'all are fucking babies

  • shouldn't matter you'll be with him all in love tomorrow most likely


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  • How old is he? Being stubborn and proud is only acceptable in 15 year olds.